State of Comms Tech Report

Stagwell Marketing Cloud’s 2023 State of Comms Tech Report outlines the comms tech landscape as it stands today, introducing the idea that to survive as professionals in the communications industry, comms pros will need to become “communications engineers.”

And while this might sound intimidating, this is an exciting thing. With over 700 tools on the market in the PR, social media, and communications categories, it’s more important than ever that comms pros are educated about the tools they are using and the potential that lies in their tech stack. Along with an analysis of the current tech landscape, the report proposes six predictions for the comms tech industry in 2023.

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How will the Comms Tech landscape
evolve in 2023?

Comms pros who learn how to wield this technology effectively will see their workflows streamline, their output increase, and their time savings be used for more strategic work.

Pairing an intentional tech stack with knowledge around changing privacy laws will give communications pros the best defense for protecting their data and others’.

When asked what would help them better anticipate media interest and sentiment, an in-house PR professional for a large company said ‘A crystal ball? Reporters are understaffed and covering more beats. What used to get through no longer does.'

Legacy workflow solutions are no longer as powerful as they once were—and with enhanced integration, automation, and partnership capabilities, onboarding point solutions is a smart move for comms teams.

Understanding the implications of a data breach is critical for comms pros, and AI tools, incident response teams, and detection and response technology are just a few levers they can pull to keep data safe.

Equity-focused tech solutions can make a huge impact on the issue of pay inequality in the influencer space. Software companies creating the tools where creators and brands collaborate have a lot of power to protect influencers and hold brands accountable for their payment practices.

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