Navigate a complex digital media environment.

Get to know your customer using media mix modeling, media spend forecasting, location data from consumer devices, and audience segmentation insights.

Transform audience identification using big data

CUE is a consumer intelligence platform that allows your business to understand audience segments across devices and channels using a variety of attitudinal, behavioral, and transactional data to create detailed consumer profiles.

Audience segmentation and insights

Web scraping and traffic mapping

Pixel deployment and management

Transform geotargeted marketing

The People Platform is a cloud-based platform that enables companies to measure audiences, observe consumer behavior, build customer profiles, and target specific consumer segments based on device location patterns.  

Location data from 300M US consumer devices

Direct-from-consumer survey responses

Customer location and visitation insights

Transform media mix modeling

SCENE is a media mix modeling tool ​that allows media strategists, planners, and buyers ​to confidently optimize the outcomes of their media investments.

Omni-channel media mix modeling

Historic performance Analysis

Flexible scenario planning based on your spend and objectives

Transform creative production

SmartAssets is performance-led generative AI for creative assets that helps brands gain a deep understanding of which creative elements drive campaign success and optimize those elements to better achieve their goals.

AI-driven asset categorization, metadata creation, and data analysis

Asset mapping against quality criteria, brand objectives, and digital performance data

In-platform real-time asset updates and creative replacement through your DAM, ad server, or other hosting platform

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