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Transforming marketing through technology

Stagwell Marketing Cloud’s suite of SaaS solutions powers research, communications, and media activation for in-house marketers.

Stagwell Marketing Cloud brings agency-level precision in house.

Deploy the latest technologies to get ahead of the curve.

Easily onboard marketing tools that have a proven track record of maximizing performance.

Use generative AI to create press releases and social posts with PRophet.

Execute a data-driven marketing strategy.

Leverage first- and third-party data to take your work to the next level.

Input historical performance data to optimize future media investments with SCENE.

Learn where you stand in real time.

Get a comprehensive view of your marketing activities on demand.

Measure brand health and track competitor standings with Harris Brand Platform.

Stagwell Marketing Cloud Solutions

SMC Real-Time Research

Unlock worldwide consumer insights and make them actionable with powerful, user-friendly tools. Execute your research needs, from custom research across hard-to-find audiences to DIY surveys and brand health tracking.   

Built for marketers who specialize in: marketing research and analytics, brand marketing, customer experience

SMC Comms Tech

Build, test, and land your message with your target audience. Find the right journalist, podcast, or influencer to share your story and perfect your pitch using generative and predictive AI.

Built for marketers who specialize in: public relations, communications, social media

SMC Media Studio

Navigate a complex media environment with proprietary data and tools built to activate media with speed and precision. Capitalize on end-to-end technology to better understand, plan, activate, and analyze your digital media campaigns.

Built for marketers who specialize in: media strategy, media planning and buying, marketing data and analytics

SMC Advanced Media Platforms

Unleash high-impact media to reach, engage, and monetize key consumer segments through our portfolio of powerful new media channels. Leverage highly curated data to land your message in front of the right audience.

Built for marketers who specialize in:
media strategy, media planning and buying, experiential marketing, brand marketing

Our versatile suite of solutions lets you take what you need—and leave what you don’t.

Designed for the modern marketer, built for the way you go to market.