The People Platform

Understand your consumers’ offline, real-world behavior

Leverage rich first- and third-party data, including crucial location intelligence, to gain comprehensive insights into how your consumers behave offline.
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Harness the power of consumer intelligence to unlock a 360° view of your consumers.

Measure audience makeup and ad impact

Pinpoint your audience’s demographics and quantify their digital and video engagement.

Uncover how your consumers move and behave

Combine geospatial mapping and anonymized device data to understand consumer foot-traffic patterns and brand interactions at key points of interest.

Drive results with authentic consumer engagement

Gather valuable insights through surveys that ask relevant consumers to voluntarily share information about their experiences and behaviors.

Identify and segment key consumer targets

Segment millions of anonymous mobile devices based on behavior and demographics to launch targeted campaigns that resonate.








features and benefits

Consumer intelligence that unlocks winning strategies

Location intelligence from millions of anonymous devices
Consumer journeys and pathways to purchase
First-party surveys from engaged consumers
Currency-level audience and ad performance measurement
Consumer segments for analysis, personas, and activation
Visitation and foot-traffic analysis

The People Platform is for brands who want to understand the offline behaviors and experiences of consumers, at scale.

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