Always-on, real-time brand tracking

Deepen your understanding of your brand—and track progress with concrete metrics—with Harris QuestBrand’s all-in-one platform built to make the intangible tangible. 
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and competitors with QuestBrand.

Monitor brand health metrics in real time

Assess the perceived value of your brand through QuestBrand’s brand equity score, which is measured daily by tracking four key indicators: momentum, consideration, quality, and familiarity. Evaluate your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, and gain a full picture of your influence on the industry.

Target campaigns with more precise segmentation

Use QuestBrand’s 150+ demographic, psychographic, and behavioral segments to drill down on the audience whose attention you’ve captured—and learn where you could increase your investments with other core groups.

Measure ad effectiveness

Understand how your advertising is performing with QuestBrand’s ad recall tracking. Measure your advertising ROI by surveying consumers exposed to your brand’s ads in the last 30 days. 

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“We have filled a critical gap in campaign strategy by measuring impact—particularly among our target consumers—through QuestBrand.”
Rob harvath, VP of consumer insights and data management
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Demystify brand perception

24/7, always-on brand tracking worldwide
Built on EquiTrend®, Harris’s syndicated brand tracker that has run for more than 30 years
Scalable insights that allow you to track as many (or as few) brands as your budget allows
150+ demographic, psychographic, and behavioral segments 
Measure brand momentum, consideration, quality, familiarity, and more 
Track 25 distinct emotional attributes to drive creative and overall planning 
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