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Leverage predictive and generative AI to reach the right journalist with a pitch that will actually get their attention.
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Manage end-to-end influencer marketing from discovery to contracts and creative collaboration
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Protect your brand
Monitor 1.5M sources in real time, respond to breaking social media trends, and execute your communications strategy with confidence.
Track brand mentions
Into the cloud
Elevate your comms POV on Into the Cloud
PRophet's CMO on their Webby win
"We're all about helping our customers, and we are supremely focused on solving business challenges."
What is an influencer campaign brief, and why do you need one?
Creating a campaign brief for your influencer partnerships is the first step to a successful collaboration. 
Why press releases aren’t dead—and how to take yours to the next level
From tools that increase efficiency to optimizing the basics, here’s how to bring life back into your press releases.
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