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Did AI write that press release? Stagwell’s Taylor is here to punch up your PR pitches
Launching at SXSW, the tool will be part of a suite of new AI-powered products aimed at public relations professionals.
Stagwell teams with Google Cloud on AI tools
The holding company says the partnership could result in simplified workflows and improved connections across platforms.
Is Stagwell’s AI partnership with Google Cloud another loosened brick in walled gardens?
Could the marketing ecosystem slowly be shuffling toward a post-walled garden era — and might generative AI be an accelerant for the evolution?
Stagwell Marketing Cloud’s Harris unit launches a new suite of AI-based tools
A year after its acquisition of Maru, Stagwell Marketing Cloud is putting the tech expertise of Maru to good use by rolling out a suite of AI-based research products.
GenAI Will Force a New Business Model for Agencies
The move to value-based billing is marketers’ next-gen competitive edge.
Minnesota Twins, ARound Bring Real-Time AR Statistics to Home Games
Retailer Target has been integrated into an AR mini-game.
Cleveland Cavaliers Bring AR to Fans During the NBA Playoffs
Augmented reality features will be available during home games and away game watch parties.
How this new AR technology is putting MLB games into the hands of fans
ARound, from global marketing and technology company Stagwell, may be the AR breakthrough the sports world has been waiting for.
Stagwell awards $1M in funding to AI platform Smart Assets to optimize media execution
The platform uses AI to categorize assets with a brand’s creative library and measure the impact of its ads through performance data.
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