Our mission
We're empowering modern marketers with technology that pairs power and precision.
As modern marketers face growing customer and business expectations, they must also be technologists to maximize performance.
That’s where we come in.
Stagwell Marketing Cloud is a suite of data-driven SaaS solutions built for the modern marketer.
Born out of Stagwell’s network of award-winning marketing agencies, Stagwell Marketing Cloud’s goal is simple: Equip marketers with powerful, user-friendly technology so they can get a bigger seat at the table. A robust tech stack is no longer a nice-to-have for marketing organizations, and at Stagwell Marketing Cloud, we’re pairing an innovation-first culture with decades of domain expertise to create the most effective tools on the market.
Born out of Stagwell’s network of award-winning marketing agencies, SMC’s technology empowers marketers to drive business impact by giving them intuitive tools equipped with proprietary, actionable data. SMC’s portfolio of solutions powers strategic customer research, communications, and media activation for brands worldwide by leveraging technology such as generative artificial intelligence, shared augmented reality, and more.
Meet our leadership
Mark Penn
Founder & CEO of Stagwell Global
Elspeth Rollert
CEO, Stagwell marketing Cloud
Mansoor Basha
CtO, Stagwell marketing Cloud
Aaron Kwittken
CEO, Prophet comms tech
Will Johnson
CEO, Harris Quest Research
Lindsay Hong
CEO, Smartassets
Paul Krasinski
ceo, the people platform
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