Let advanced data science guide your media mix.
Eliminate uncertainty and boost ROI with Media Studio. Build your target audience using a variety of attitudinal, behavioral, and transactional data—then measure creative performance and optimize ads.
The People Platform
Understand your consumer and build a custom audience
Use location data from millions of US consumer devices, direct-from-consumer survey responses, and more to understand segments at the deepest level possible—across channels and geographies. 
Start building your audience
Optimize your media spend and activate media
Perform media mix modeling and push custom built audiences directly to your media activation platforms.
Improve your media mix
Make big data easy to understand
Navigate complex behavioral data from multiple sources through one simple dashboard, removing the guesswork from important business and marketing decisions.
Understand your audience
Maximize creative performance with data and AI
Stage predictive and prescriptive analyses of ad creative, and make quick actionable changes to assets using generative AI. 
Amplify the impact of your ad creative
Into the cloud
Elevate your media POV on Into the Cloud
ARound is a game changer for fans & brands
Augmented reality energizes the live sports experience.
Is your creative team still wasting time on A/B tests?
Generative AI tools can help make creative asset production more efficient.
2023 gave us reasons to be optimistic about the film industry
The data shows that streaming isn’t killing off the IRL theater experience just yet
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