June 21, 2023
4 min

Live from Cannes: Thursday, June 22nd

Ketchup-colored tattoos, wholesome high-end brands, networking on the beach, and more

Vibe check 

 After three days of nonstop energy, Cannes is just starting to round out.  

“The energy continues,” founder and CEO of The People Platform Paul Krasinski told me this morning. “But a bit less, as people are seeing their Cannes experience coming to an end. I have heard from many sources that the connections people are making have been the most important part of the week, which proves the necessity of relationships. This can’t be underestimated.” 

For Krasinski, Stagwell’s Sport Beach has been a real highlight: “It’s shown when you commit to a single purpose as these athletes do, hard work really pays off.”

And as we approach the final two awards ceremonies, brands and agencies are hoping their hard work is recognized in one of the last batches of accolades. 

Up tonight, we have Brand Experience & Activation Lions, Creative Business Transformation Lions, Creative Commerce Lions, Creative Effectiveness Lions, Creative Strategy Lions, Innovation Lions, and Mobile Lions. 

Brand Battle 

Burberry v. Louis Vuitton

Graph showing how people view Burberry vs. Louis Vuitton.

Every day this week, we are pulling two big brands showing up at Cannes and looking into the emotional associations consumers have with each using data from Harris Brand Platform. Today, let’s see how Burberry and Louis Vuitton stack up against one another.

For affluent women, Louis Vuitton is more stylish, corporate, and sophisticated than Burberry. Burberry is viewed as having good value and being more wholesome and innovative than Louis Vuitton. 

It’s interesting that a word like “wholesome” would rise to the top when describing designer bags and clothing, but if any high-end brand were to get the crown, Burberry is it. Started in 1856 by designer Thomas Burberry, the brand was created with the mission to “protect people from the British weather.” 

Pretty wholesome if you ask me. 

And on the other end of the spectrum, Louis Vuitton beat Burberry in the stylish category with a rating 10.8% higher than the British brand. A favorite of influencers and celebrities like Emma Chamberlain and Kim Kardashian, Louis Vuitton’s iconic LV lockup is hard to miss. It’s also one of the most commonly counterfeited brands—while few people can regularly shell out $2,000 for a Louis Vuitton Neverfull, the aspiration to signal style and affluence creates a robust market for fakes. 

Brand spotlight 


Is there a higher honor for brands than knowing customers are tattooing your product onto their body? 

Talk about creating lifelong customers.

For Heinz Ketchup, fan tattoos happen so frequently that they decided to do something as radical as their ketchup-loving devotees: Create a tattoo ink in their official Pantone shade Heinz 57 Red, based off the color of the ubiquitous condiment. 

But not only did they bring their exact shade of tomato red to tattoo parlors across Brazil for this brand activation, they also collaborated with agency Soko to create a product free of the toxic chemicals often found in tattoo ink—especially red tattoo ink which is infamous for causing allergic reactions and other complications. 

In addition to the launch of their proprietary ink, Heinz commissioned five Brazilian tattoo artists to create 57 tattoo stencils available online. 

Heinz is shortlisted in the Brand Experience & Activation category tonight for this impressive customer-centric play. 

Plant Drop

Shortlisted in the Creative Commerce Category is Plant Drop, a retailer that helps plant lovers buy and sell plants.

In collaboration with McCann London, Plant Drop launched Smart Plants, a way to help consumers rethink the way they shop for plants. Instead of buying simply for the way a good fern can brighten up a corner, the Smart Plants campaigns educates consumers about the toxin-scrubbing powers plants have. 

Whether you light candles, have a pet, or use cleaning products every day, bringing certain plants into the home can help alleviate the toxic load in your home. Have a couch made of synthetic fibers? Introduce a weeping fig tree. Do you give your dog flea treatments? A red-edged dracaena can help offset the pollution. 

For this campaign, Plant Drop and McCann relied heavily on data from NASA and some of the best botanists in the world. The result is an in-depth, useful guide for buying plants that will do double duty in the home. 

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